Welcome to the website for the Frank Hornberg Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
Trout Unlimited is a group of 140,000 conservation-minded anglers united behind a simple philosophy: take care of the fish, and the fishing will take care of itself.
Trout Unlimited has thousands of volunteers in more than 400 chapters nationwide to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries. They donate well over 500,000 hours every year to clean up polluted streams, restore water to dried-up rivers, and teach children about responsible stewardship and good fishing. A professional staff of more than 120 scientists, grassroots organizers, lawyers and policy experts provides a national context for these local efforts. They tackle legal and legislative challenges to the health of our nation’s rivers and help TU bring cutting-edge scientific tools, such as infra-red satellite imagery and sophisticated fish tracking devices, to bear on difficult problems like pollution, habitat loss and climate change. From Vermont’s Battenkill to Alaska’s Bristol Bay, TU’s efforts have made a difference on more than 10,000 miles of river nationwide. We have won major victories in court and in Congress, using a non-partisan, action-oriented approach that has earned the support of state and federal agencies, universities, non-profits, landowners and hundreds of partners.
Founded in 1992, the Frank Hornberg chapter has grown steadily and currently has 160 members. Our membership is comprised of men and women from all walks of life who share an interest in cold water fisheries and the improvement of these delicate resources. Reversing the degradation that has affected many of our trout streams has always been the primary focus of this group.
Since its formation, the chapter has been actively engaged in direct, hands-on stream restoration projects. These efforts have brought about tremendous positive changes on sections of a number of trout streams in central Wisconsin. Please see our “News” page for more information about our current projects. The chapter has been widely recognized for its accomplishments in cold water conservation and has been presented with awards from the Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited as well as the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
The chapter has worked closely with other conservation and environmental organizations, working to protect our natural resources not only at the local level but at the broader, state level as well.
In keeping with the chapter’s commitment to defending and restoring some of the most precious resources of central Wisconsin, the chapter’s founders chose to name the chapter after the first game warden assigned to Portage County. Frank Hornberg was a classic old-time game warden and a colorful public figure during his service here from 1920 to 1950. The Hornberg fly, created by him in the 1920’s, is still tied commercially and has established itself as a standard trout fly pattern. Frank Hornberg died in 1966 but his name lives on, in part due to the endeavors of this dedicated Trout Unlimited chapter.
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